1. AML Monitoring and Investigation

Our anti-money laundering (AML) monitoring and investigations services help deliver meaningful, data-driven insights and skilled resources to identify suspicious financial activity more quickly and accurately, reduce the quantity of false positives, and improve the efficiency of your AML processes.
Banks and other financial institutions must carefully monitor operations for suspicious activity potentially related to money laundering and report it quickly and accurately. But the best way to conduct such monitoring and reporting is less clear.
Huge investigative teams are costly to maintain. Massive and highly complex data sets are challenging to manage, manipulate and analyze. Manual processes and outdated systems reduce speed and accuracy and may limit visibility and audit trails. Also, many institutions find it difficult to access skilled and experienced specialists when they need them and struggle to build credibility with regulators.

Our AML transaction monitoring services help financial institutions address these issues and instill more efficient and effective monitoring capabilities. The flexible and scalable approach brings together advanced technology and process automation, along with deep industry knowledge, skilled teams and robust operational support. The result? Banks can design, implement and manage an AML monitoring program that suits their needs – even as those needs change.


We do Not do risk assessments of East Caribbean States (Grenada, The Commonwealth of Dominica, the Federation of Saint Christopher (Kitts) & Nevis, Antigua and Barbuda, Saint Lucia), Cayman Islands and Vanuato that sell citizenship-by-investment passports or are infested with money laundering, corruption, exposure to money laundering by conducting enhanced due diligence on all clients and wire transfers to or from there and other financial crimes.


The services for AML monitoring and investigation includes:

• AML alert and case investigation services
Our global hubs provide experienced resources for investigation and escalation of alerts, with automated and integrated quality control processes. Access to our team means banks can scale up or scale down their investigation capacity in line with shifting volumes, without the burden of hiring and training scarce talent. They can also build a location strategy, taking advantage of onshore, offshore, and nearshore resources to meet cost objectives.

• Investigation automation
Enhanced evidence gathering, cognitive investigation and automated alert disposition are components of a proprietary “negative news engine” based on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning models. Robust entity resolution and AI-driven smart-decisioning for alerts and cases are designed to reduce false positives. Auto-narrative generation is built on natural language understanding to reduce dependency on skilled human intervention.


2. Know Your Customer
Our Know Your Customer (KYC) solutions help firms achieve automated operating efficiencies and a high quality customer experience. Our skilled professionals, global service delivery hubs and advanced technologies help enable execution of the KYC lifecycle at a noticeably lower cost while improving compliance.

A changing regulatory environment, increasingly sophisticated financial crime tactics, and high customer expectations are prompting financial institutions to rethink and transform their KYC processes. However, satisfying ever-increasing compliance and due diligence requirements without compromising the client experience is challenging. Doing so efficiently and cost-effectively is further complicated by legacy systems, disparate data silos, and differing global regulatory requirements.

Financial institutions can adopt digital technology to reduce costs, improve quality and transform KYC operations and client lifecycle management capabilities. But doing it alone can be risky and disruptive, given the need to select, deploy and manage technology, engage the necessary talent and manage relationships with regulators.
Our KYC services help firms address these challenges and enable them to reallocate technology investments to their growth strategies and to access an experienced workforce that can handle fluctuating volumes. This reduces the need to incur one-time costs, make temporary investments, and spend time managing non-core processes. These services encompass due diligence processes for client onboarding and renewals across multiple jurisdictions as well as case management, advanced analytics for next generation customer risk rating, complex entity management, and secure digital exchange of customer information.

Our KYC services include:

• New customer onboarding:
We offer end-to-end management of KYC processes for new customers and products. This includes document gathering and validation based on policy requirements and the sourcing and interpretation of structured and unstructured data from both internal and trusted external sources. Aggregating this information to a single client view accelerates risk assessment and verification.

• Due diligence:
Our rules-based identification, aggregation and automation of customer information across business lines, legal entities, and jurisdictions streamlines the process and is designed to accurately address the data requirements for ultimate beneficial owners (UBOs).
• Customer information refresh and remediation:
Our end-to-end management of KYC processes for existing customers is based on renewal cycles and customer trigger events. The KYC process is enabled by workflow management covering tasks, automatic communications, integration of screening, Customer Due Diligence (CDD), Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD) and risk rating, and alignment with a quality control framework.


3. List screening
Our solution identifies true hits, reduces false positives and prioritizes investigation and disposition of alerts. We embed advanced digital and analytical techniques rather than rule-based models, and our skilled people and processes support this tech-enabled services.
Screening is a critical part of anti-money laundering (AML) compliance programs and the fight against financial crime. Banks must vet customers against sanctions, watchlists, politically exposed persons (PEPs) and adverse media lists. Screening is also required in anti-bribery and corruption efforts and third-party risk management programs where institutions must screen suppliers, vendors, agents and business partners.
Thanks to increasing complexity, exploding data volumes and rising regulatory requirements, screening customers and transactions has become more expensive and less effective. Outdated technology and manual processes are significant challenges too. In addition, many banks are unsure about the quality of critical data elements or how well their screening engines perform against industry standards and benchmarks.
As false positives proliferate, banks are challenged to focus their resources on the cases that present the most risk. And, customer satisfaction is at risk if onboarding processes take too long.
Our screening services can reduce false positives by up to 70% and substantially increase true match alert identification, helping to address cost concerns, boost effectiveness and enhance customer experience.

the suite of services for list screening includes:

Screening engine quality assurance
Custom, industry-standard synthetic test packs to evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of existing screening engines, including detailed peer benchmarks and recommendations for improvement

• Secondary screening smart decisioning
Custom, industry-standard synthetic test packs to evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of existing screening engines, including detailed peer benchmarks and recommendations for improvement

• Advanced list management
Sourcing, rationalization and harmonization of sanctions, PEP watchlists and customer data files to identify areas of under-or over-screening and assess impact on alert volumes

• End-to-end screening services
Sourcing, rationalization and harmonization of sanctions, PEP watchlists and customer data files to identify areas of under-or over-screening and assess impact on alert volumes

4. Sustainability and ESG strategy services
our teams can help you create long-term sustainability and ESG value through strategy, M&A, capital allocation, ESG due diligence and portfolio optimization.
There are many factors driving sustainability and wider environmental social governance (ESG) issues to the top of your agenda: government incentives and regulations; investor standards; customer sentiment; and the views of your workforce and broader society. Whether you are a public or private company, government institution, investor or financial stakeholder, we help you to transform your ESG and sustainability strategy to protect and help create new sources of short and long-term value creation.
Your challenges may include decarbonization and energy transition, eMobility, sustainable sourcing, or ensuring human rights in the supply chain. Our support will help you reframe your strategy, through scenario planning, value creation, business model reinvention and portfolio optimization. Our support will also help you accelerate your transition, through M&A, divestments, restructuring, green finance and strategic capital allocation, green infrastructure and decommissioning, economic and climate risk assessment, and advice on the tax implications of ESG. In short, we can help you design and realize your ESG and sustainability ambitions.
Our sector and functional depth of experience and the breadth of our integrated multidisciplinary capabilities across more than 120 countries help you deliver better sustainability strategy. We work with you to manage not only the financial value, but also the people, customer/commercial and societal impact of your ESG journey, while retaining a focus on the creation and protection of long-term value for all your stakeholders.
We understand that every business has highly differentiated ESG challenges. Our multidisciplinary teams can assist you with your unique priorities, operating model and commercial ambition to navigate today’s complex environment, and help you to achieve your business objectives. We focus on real-world practical pathways to building a better future for you, your people and your organization.

Services and offerings:
We are on your ESG and sustainability strategy journey with you.

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