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Why sustainability is crucial for corporate strategy  
90% of executives believe sustainability is important, but only 60% of organizations have sustainability strategies.    
New rules on corporate sustainability reporting: provisional political agreement between the Council and the European Parliament  
The Council and European Parliament today reached a provisional political agreement on the corporate sustainability reporting directive (CSRD). The proposal aims to address shortcomings in the existing rules on disclosure of non-financial information, which was of insufficient quality to allow it to be properly taken into account by investors. Such shortcomings hinder the transition to a sustainable economy.    
Majority of private companies do not have adequate risk management function  
Over 67% of Indian private firms lack a sufficient risk management function and more than half do not possess formal risk management processes, according to a report by risk advisory firm MGC Global. A survey aimed at around 60,000 management and board-level professionals in a range of sectors found approximately 38% of public firms also had inadequate risk management practices.    
ICAC turns its eye to"Poor Corporate Governance" at Botany Bay Council  
For the two years Mark Goodman was "given the key" to Botany Bay Council's business unit, the acting manager didn't access its account management system, didn't set a budget and never saw a financial statement – in fact, a corruption inquiry was told this week that he wasn't even qualified to read one.    
Private Sector’s Role in Laying Lasting Foundation for Sustainable Development ‘Somewhat Overlooked’  
In the event of Midas Touch Asia Forum August 2015, Kofi Annan the former Secretary General of United Nations urges the private sector to build partnerships with governments and work towards a sustainable economic.